Who am I?

And who are Yoshi & Bijou?
I’m a Proud Mom!
Mother to Arezu, love of my life and the best thing I have ever created, my “Masterpiece”. Not only at 22 she got into Harvard PHD program with a full scholarship, but she is an amazing human being , kind and a Mini powerhouse. And my best friend. The world needs more women like her .

Feel free to email me and we can share stories and tails and help each other raise more powerhouses to rule the world. Ofcourse it was all ME, and not her own hard work! Lol

If you’re pregnant , eat, lentils and butter and Broccoli ! Your child might not skip Masters and play violin at 3 like Arezu, but they will have a powerful brain.

I’m an Artist
Afarin Radjaei has one of the most diverse and culturally rich backgrounds one can offer. Having lived in several different countries, she speaks Farsi, French, and English. Afarin received her Master’s in Fine Arts from the University of Washington and has taught in several different art fields. From owning and running her own art gallery in Montreal, to reaching the top of the real estate sales management in Phoenix, Arizona, Afarin gives it all she’s got, and she’s got a lot.
She has also won numerous awards over the years for being the best in her various fields of expertise. Her photographs have been exhibited internationally and her work has received positive reviews, and won many awards. As a gallery director, she Identified, curated and exhibited a variety of photographic arts pieces and other works in visual arts for sales , as well as for community enrichment with great success. She has served on museum boards of directors, and volunteered her artistic talents for educational and community service purposes.

Her superb interpersonal skills, together with her energetic, hard-working, focused work ethics, combine to make a ideal candidate to work for you – to achieve the results you deserve and must expect from a professional. With Afarin, it’s not about one transaction, it’s about building successful relationships over many years. You would want Afarin on your side! She gets any job done and done well.

Visit my personal website
Afarin Radjaei
I am an experienced Real Estate Broker.

As a real estate professional, I have a track record for 26 years long and 100’s of transaction wide. I’m also a resident of Roncy for over a decade. Visit my realtor website www.afarinandco.com to learn more. For all your real estate needs…Afarin & Co..

I am a Dog Lover
– Also the Alpha of the pac!
Let me introduce you to my “A team”

On the left is the ‘brain of the operation’ Bijou! At 6 pounds and going on 13 years, she rules us with an iron paw.

On the right is Yoshi Chow Chow, the ‘muscle of the operation’. Baby Yoshi is almost 3, and he is the spoiled one!

Together we adore and help and advise and lead the woofies in and around Roncy and high park.

We don’t mind sharing our mommy, Afarin, if she can help you, if you want to be friends!


Woof to all, this is Bijou, AKA “The Queen”. That’s what mommy calls me anyway. I woofgree that I rule well. Any woof, Where did Spring go? did we have one? I told mommy to immediately turn the AC on. What the woof. Yoshi doesn’t like heat. I don’t care for it either. I prefer the spring and the fall, ahhhhh the long walks we take on Roncy and High Park. Memories, all alone in the midnight…… oooopss I diwoofgresd. So, so as we sniffed on the tress, we have so many things to share. On the exciting front, mom did this Blog woof Roncy thing. Which was ALL my idea. I tell you. She woofs about the stores and restaurants (that she is not allowed to take us to, What is that woof about, WHY?) so I woofed , why not share all these insights. Oh I have her wrapped around my little paw. On the Real Estate front, so many ups and downs, mom is killing it out there. She woofed a home around the corner from us in a private owner situation. I am not too clear about the whole thing, but I woofed that she made 2 woofies and ok their owners very happy. Finding gorgeous yards for woofies with out MLS, is not easy to do. But since she woofs here and we sniff updates for her, she knows ALLLLLL the neighbours. And bam! she makes her buyers so so happy. Oh and she sold a HUGE Plaza. I woof Plazas that have a pet store. Then we can visit. Oh Yoshi , has something to add I woof? yes Yosh?


Wooooooffffffff, I want squirrels. Many of them. Black ones, small ones, smelly ones, fat ones, thin ones. Oh sorry I had to woof that. Now that I am 3, I have teenage angst. Where do we woof from? I mean, Why? but thinking is left to the “queen”. I just walk around protecting…. I think. So woofed at woof park at Highpark for the first time on the week end. So hot. Not like hot. I am Yoshi, I have so much fur. I like fur. and Squirrels. Woofs are so scared of me, I am not sure why????I am so gentle. Oh the perception of the self to the outside world……….. Oh I got deep there. Ok so, Mom, I think is baking a squirrel for us. Oh no its just s steak. Not sure why I said “just”, I wooooof Steak. Specially T bone kind. so, so I sniffed that Greg the neighbour;s woofie is moving soon. Hum, need to alert mommy, so her buyers can jump on it. I like Jumping. I am Yosh. Yes my tongue is black, yes, I am adorable. and yes you can take a picture of me. Hey I just had a woofiliant idea. What if we make a date around High Park woof park , and you can all come and take photos of me. and then we are done…… woof me. I will be on the 3 rd hydrant off on Howrad Park and Indian Grove, usually every evening around 9ish. Woof out. I am Yosh.