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Ask me which restaurant is best to take your parents? Which bar is for your first date ? Which cafe makes the best misto? I have tried them all, living here for over a decade, I will share all the secrets and “finds”.

Ask me about real estate because:

I am the “Oprah of Real Estate”

I started doing Real Estate almost 26 years ago in the US, after getting my PHD in Art History. Why the change you ask? Oddly enough it was as simple as any representative I tried to use to LISTEN to me and answer all my questions with patience, I found myself so frustrated. It was going to be just a temporary thing, just so I could find my own family a home in Scottsdale, AZ. Then once I started I realized, this is my calling!
Helping people find their dream home, helping people realize their full potential and invest sooner than rather than later and helping people navigate the sometimes complicated waters of Commercial Real Estate. Most became my dear friends and we still talk. I adore them all and cherish their trust in me. Here in Toronto, I have also become very close to generations of families that place their trust in me. I am not about the commission. I am about listening and helping. Sometimes they call me and we simply discuss their life situation, we laugh, we cry and we plan for the future . I hold their hand every step of the way. I love what I do and I love the people I serve. They’re family.

Ask me about dogs because:

I am the “Ceaser” of Dog training

Ask me how a ChowChow with out a leash was trained by me to come to complete halt at every intersection. Ask me how it is that my woofies are so calm and well behaved. I will share all I know. Tons of love and patience does magic on woofies AND people.

Ask me about Parenting because:

I am Super Mom!

Ask me how my daughter at 22 got into the best university in the world, Harvard. Into the PHD Program with a full scholarship, a salary and skipped Masters. Ask me how she played the violin at the symphony at 8. I am right here, happy to share all the advice I have.